• Project
  • Design
  • and
  • Management
Whether designing and managing a Japanese multi-arts festival in New York City or a Louisiana cultural extravaganza in Russia, negotiating the complexities of artist appearances in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, or developing an entertainment plan for the renowned F.A.O. Schwarz toy stores, Micocci Productions (MicProds) has demonstrated the capacity to deliver fully-accountable projects to the most discriminating clients. Starting with the question, “what will define success in this project?” the company works with clients from earliest conceptual stages through detailed development and execution. Consistent threads through the company’s activities are a fine balance between artistry and economics, and a spirit of creativity and fun.
  • Organizational
  • and Facility
  • Planning and
  • Research
Seeking a sustainable use plan for an existing or proposed performance venue? MicProds is highly sensitive to the distinct cultural eco-structure of each community, experienced with both historic theaters and new facilities, and focused on successful end results. The company has experience working with disparate stakeholders including nonprofits, corporate and private interests and governmental agencies, to establish vision and viable business models, and is open to exploring a full range of commercial and non-profit structures to achieve the goals. Whether in a large city or small community, MicProds has the background and capacity to deliver.
  • Artistic
  • Programming
MicProds recognizes that successful cultural programming relies on a range of internal and external factors, including the constraints of the venues to be programmed, competitor activity, local economics and artistic tastes. Whether providing a single event production for the public or a private event, programming a festival, or setting up a full theatrical season, MicProds brings decades of experience and unique industry access to achieve stunning results.
  • Financial
  • Planning
  • and Fund
  • Management
All projects and programs require funding, whether as investment or sponsorship, and MicProds integrates planning and management of finances into all activities with complete accountability. MicProds is often able to proactively work with clients to support the search for needed funds and insure that the conditions of the funding are met in full.